Why diuretics used in the treatment of hypertension:

1  Diuretics can be classified into following criteria 2 Types of diuretics According to their site of action and their mechanism of action 3 Types of diuretics According to potency 4 Mechanisms of loop diuretics, thiazide, spironolactone in the treatment of hypertension 5 FAQ First of all, we need to know what diuretics do and … Read more

Which diuretics is best for hypertensoin?

1 Role of thiazide diuretics in hypertensoin 2 Adverse affect of thiazide 3 How loop diuretics can use as a treatment option in severe type of hypertension 4 Indication of using loop diuretics 5 FAQ Hydrochlorothiazide is the most widely used diuretic for hypertension. Diuretics drug can be in a great use for the treatment … Read more