Pharmacological management ischamic heart disease

1 Primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease 2 Pharmacological treatment ischaemic heart disease 3 Principles of management of acute coronary syndrome 4 risk factors for atherosclerosis to prevent coronary syndrome which causes ischaemic heart disease 5 What are the risk factors of ischaemic heart disease Pharmacological treatment: 1.Statin therapy: Can safely reduce incidence of major … Read more

Difference between Mitral stenosis and Arotic regurgitation

1 All about Mitral Stenosis 2 Treatment of Mitral Stenosis 3 All about Aortic regurgitation (AR) 4 Treatment of aortic regurgitation: 5 Difference between the signs of mitral stenosis and aortic regurgitation In this article, we will learn how to differentiate between Mitral stenosis and Arotic regurgitation. There are 2 types of valvular heart disease. … Read more