What is the biggest indicator for pre-eclampsia

1 biggest indicator for pre-eclampsia 2 What are the Risk factors of pre-eclampsia 3 Type of Pre-eclampsia 4 Treatment of Mild and severe Pre-eclampsia 5 Cause of Maternal Death in pre-eclampsia Ominous/Impending signs of pre-eclampsia/ Biggest indicator for pre-eclampsia: 1.Headache- The patient is sufferning from severe headache from the very begaing of pre-eclampsia2.Blurring of vision- … Read more

Indication of radiotherapy in bronchial carcinoma?

1 Indications of radiotherapy in bronchial carcinoma 2 common types of bronchial carcinoma 3 Management of bronchial carcinoma 4 Extra-pulmonary manifestations of bronchial carcinoma 5 Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy Indications of radiotherapy in bronchial carcinoma: -Most frequently used in the treatment of Squamous cell carcinoma.-Used in SVC obstruction.-Used in recurrent hemoptysis.-Additionally, it can be used Chest … Read more

Clinical presentation of diffuse parenchymal lung disease

1 Classification and example of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases 2 Clinical presentation diffuse parenchymal lung diseases 3 Management of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases Clinical presentation of diffuse parenchymal lung disease: -Cough: usually presented with dry, persistent and distressing cough.-Breathlessness: usually slowly progressive; insidious onset in nature and sometime acute in some cases, but rare . … Read more

What information would gether from analysis of pleural fuild to differentiate plural effusion?

1 Information from pleural fluid analvsis 2 What are the findings you expect in physical examination of a patient with left sided massive pleural effusion 3 Radiological signs of moderate pleural effusion are 4 Management of pleural effusion 5 Treatment of pleural effusion Lets discuss how to establishment of aetiology of effusion by pleural fluid … Read more

Pharmacological management ischamic heart disease

1 Primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease 2 Pharmacological treatment ischaemic heart disease 3 Principles of management of acute coronary syndrome 4 risk factors for atherosclerosis to prevent coronary syndrome which causes ischaemic heart disease 5 What are the risk factors of ischaemic heart disease Pharmacological treatment: 1.Statin therapy: Can safely reduce incidence of major … Read more

Difference between Mitral stenosis and Arotic regurgitation

1 All about Mitral Stenosis 2 Treatment of Mitral Stenosis 3 All about Aortic regurgitation (AR) 4 Treatment of aortic regurgitation: 5 Difference between the signs of mitral stenosis and aortic regurgitation In this article, we will learn how to differentiate between Mitral stenosis and Arotic regurgitation. There are 2 types of valvular heart disease. … Read more

How to differentiate between anginal chest pain and other chest pain

1 Differences between angina chest pain  and myocardial infarction chest pain 2 Differences between angina, chest pain  and oesophageal pain 3 Investigation should done for newly diagonsed hypertensive patient 4 Type of therapy/treatment 5 Clinical evaluation of a hypertensive patient for target organ damage Angina pectoris: Angina pectoris is a group of symptoms brought on … Read more

Why diuretics used in the treatment of hypertension:

1  Diuretics can be classified into following criteria 2 Types of diuretics According to their site of action and their mechanism of action 3 Types of diuretics According to potency 4 Mechanisms of loop diuretics, thiazide, spironolactone in the treatment of hypertension 5 FAQ First of all, we need to know what diuretics do and … Read more

Which diuretics is best for hypertensoin?

1 Role of thiazide diuretics in hypertensoin 2 Adverse affect of thiazide 3 How loop diuretics can use as a treatment option in severe type of hypertension 4 Indication of using loop diuretics 5 FAQ Hydrochlorothiazide is the most widely used diuretic for hypertension. Diuretics drug can be in a great use for the treatment … Read more